Mission and History

Our Mission

Our Mission is to assist families in planning for the future of their family member with a disability and to provide continuity of services. PLAN does this by managing trusts, set up for the benefit of someone with a disability which:

  • Supplement State and Federal benefits.
  • Help the individual maintain self sufficiency.
  • Prevent unnecessary hospitalizations.
  • Enhance quality of life.

Our History

Families who had children with a disability initiated the concept for PLAN. In 1990, PLAN was given authority by the Connecticut General Assembly to exercise trust powers and to administer privately established trusts for the benefit of those with any disability. In the following two years, PLAN was incorporated as a non-profit organization and prepared a package of trust documents for use by families and attorneys, and commenced operations in 1993.


Since 1993, PLAN has been working with people with special needs and their families. PLAN’s bylaws require that 51% of the Board of Directors have a family member with a disability. Therefore, you are provided not only with focused expertise aptitude, but understanding and empathy for your situation.


PLAN’s knowledgeable team, along with a network of highly qualified lawyers and advisors, provides professional trust management services. As trustee PLAN is responsible for understanding entitlements, managing funds, maintaining records and ensuring proper tax forms are prepared. This guarantees the peace of mind you need concerning benefits, tax reporting, and the well being of your loved one with a disability.


While a bank focuses on money management, PLAN focuses on the services that money will provide. PLAN does this by managing special needs trusts set up by families for the benefit of their loved ones. PLAN is for families of all financial levels and provides excellent services for reasonable fees. While many banks will only administer trusts for hundreds of thousands of dollars, PLAN trusts require no minimum funding.

Law Partners

PLAN currently partners with over 150 lawyers to meet the needs of our families. Law partners enjoy the following benefits:

  • Unlimited access to PLAN’s trust documents .
  • Listing on our website.
  • Inclusion in every professional list distributed to families seeking an attorney for estate planning purposes.
  • Free access to PLAN seminars.