Pooled Trusts

In 1993, Connecticut state legislature granted PLAN the authority to act as trustee of special needs trusts. We offer several different trust options depending on the beneficiary’s particular situation, and remain the only organization in the state that can administer a Special Needs Pooled Trust.

What are the Benefits of a Pooled Trust?

The PLAN Pooled Trust is the only trust in CT that can be used by an individual with a disability over age 65. It is also the only type of special needs trust that an individual can establish for themselves. The PLAN Pooled Trust allows an individual with a disability to fund a trust account with his or her own assets, retain a lifetime benefit from those assets, and still qualify for entitlements. Many Pooled Trust subscribers are depositing their excess income into the trust each month to qualify for important waiver programs.

Who should use the Pooled Trust?

A person of any age who has a disability and:

  • wants to stay in his/her home with home care services, but is over the income/asset limit for that program.
  • is told by the state that they do not qualify for a Medicaid Waiver program because their income/assets exceed the cap.
  • inherits money but is already receiving home care or long term care services through a Medicaid Waiver.
  • is in an assisted-living arrangement where the State of Connecticut provides the home-care portion of the cost.
  • would like to establish and fund his/her own trust, yet remain on benefits with money received from a windfall like an inheritance, accident, divorce or back payment from Social Security.

What Happens to the Money in the Pooled Trust after the Beneficiary has Passed On?

According to federal regulations, upon the beneficiary’s death, any residual funds are either left to the PLAN Charitable Trust for the benefit of other individuals with disabilities, or paid back to the states that provided services for reimbursement.

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