About PLAN


Live for today. We’ll plan for tomorrow.

If you, a loved one or a client are living with a disability, day-to-day life can be challenging enough today without worrying about tomorrow — whether that’s years down the road, or only days. PLAN (Planned Lifetime Assistance Network) of Connecticut provides the peace-of-mind and expertise you need to face future uncertainties and answer overwhelming questions.

Our staff is here for families with a highly compassionate, personalized approach. We were founded in1990 by families who had children with a disability, and uniquely understand the need to ensure dignity and promote a high standard of living for clients of all ages and abilities. As a non-profit with a total focus on special needs trusts, we are completely dedicated to that goal.

In 1993, Connecticut state legislature granted PLAN the authority to act as trustee of special needs trusts. We offer several different trust options depending on the beneficiary’s particular situation, and remain the only organization in the state that can administer a Special Needs Pooled Trust. While we are reviewed like any Connecticut bank or trust company, that is where the similarities stop.

PLAN is unlike any other trustee in that we accept trusts of any monetary amount, constantly evolve with changing state and federal laws, have a highly empathetic and knowledgeable board, and focus solely on special needs trust management. Our goal is to simplify the complex- including protecting government benefits and preserving resources.